Tree Services

    • —Clear Storm Damage
    • —Trim, Shape, and Remove Trees
    • —Stump Grinding & Removal
    • —Deep Root Fertilizing
    • Transplanting / Landscaping
    • —Re-purpose Felled Wood (Lumber, Firewood, etc.)

Storm damage happens and I am here when you need help! Just call me today at 828-399-1706, or email me at I have helped clear damage from many storms and have done jobs for many local insurance agencies. Also, I repair or replace failed septic lines and drain fields, dig underground power line trenches and water lines.

I have access to cranes to lift big trees out of place, and my 60 ft bucket truck can lift me to many critical spots, although I also climb trees and set ropes for controlling where branches fall.

I trim, shape, and remove trees, and am also very knowledgeable about tree health & care, how to save them and when it’s time to let them go. Topping, shaping, and deep root fertilizing are all part of tree care. I can remove unwanted stumps mechanically, biologically, or chemically (though my stump grinder is the fastest way to get rid of them!).

Other uses for wood: For customers that would like to keep their wood (from downed trees, for instance) and make boards, I have a ban mill (saw mill) to cut logs for shelves, mantels, furniture, or building green outbuildings. I also use large fresh-cut beams to construct outside raised gardens and fill them with top soil. I also have a hydraulic wood splitter for people just wanting firewood. See the Projects page for creative ways to repurpose downed wood, from building bridges to growing fancy mushrooms.

Commercial Services

  • —Clear Home Sites and Roads
  • Landscaping (Retaining walls, Rock-busting, and more)
  • Pressure-wash Houses and Decks

I use a Bobcat® with multiple attachments and track hoes to clear home sites and roads, enlarge parking areas, refurbish gravel drives, as well as install culverts for water run-off in ditches. With my dump truck, I haul gravel and roadbond for roads and parking lots, deliver fill dirt, topsoil, or haul off whatever you need taken away. I use two different-sized track hoes to dig out and/or widen areas that are hard to reach and in tight areas.

On the landscaping side, I enjoy building rail road tie (stair-stepped) retaining walls, whether around trees or to prevent erosion in cut out areas, hill banks, or raised gardens. With my Bobcat®’s rock hammer, I can take off the tops of rocks sticking up in the yard, road, or driveway. I have large rocks for landscaping, too, and enjoy installing rock patios and back yard ponds. A landscaper at heart, I also enjoy planting trees and shrubs, as well as bringing in topsoil, seeding and strawing. I also do view-cutting, so that you can see those mountains in the distance!

I use a high pressure washer to clean houses and decks and can apply stain & sealer to decks, as well as reinforcing or even replacing them. The pressure washer is also handy for washing cars, boats, house, etc.

Equipment: Track hoes and Bobcats® are used to move big items. I use 6-way tilt blades for grading, and a post hole auger to set fences or barn posts. I use all of my equipment in many ways, ie. taking down an old or burnt building (demo). Outside painting, window cleaning, cleaning gutters–You ask, and we probably do it (or if we don’t, we know someone reputable who does).

Naturally, I carry liability insurance that covers me and my customers on all the jobs I do. I enjoy working and helping out at the same time. Call me for a Free Estimate and find out how I can help you! Cell: 828-399- 1706.

Rockenstein Tree Services for Sylva, Cullowhee, Waynesville, Maggie Valley, Balsam, Cherokee, Franklin, Candler, Asheville, and Black Mountain in North Carolina, as well as Landrum, Spartanburg, and Greenville in South Carolina.

Can I help you with your project?

I enjoy working on a wide variety of projects, both personal and business-oriented. If I can help you with something, please don't hesitate to give me a call!