View Cutting

Sometimes¬†people like to take down trees or just trim them back, especially on top (called “topping”) in order to open up vistas hidden by the tree. We call this “view cutting,” and it is a popular service. We can help get you your impressive sunset view back! In other cases, people want to get more sun in their yard to grow a garden, and will take down or top trees and bushes to get more sun and less shade.

Before view-cutting

Garden in shade before cutting maple down

After view-cutting

Garden in sun after cutting maple down

This maple tree which was shading the garden presented a few challenges. It was on the edge of a bank (we do have a bucket truck, but this was a lower budget job), and right next to both the street and power lines. We protected the power lines by use of threading through guide ropes to steer the falling branches towards the yard and away from the street and power lines. Safety is key!

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