Inoculating logs to grow delicious mushrooms

One of the uses of wood that people don’t often think of is inoculating logs to grow mushrooms! Mushroom farming is gaining in popularity, and for some customers, we have made foot trails in their woods, lined them with fallen trees (logs), and inoculated with spoor (ie. shiitake, oyster mushrooms, etc). This results in an opportunity to grab a basket and go for a walk in the woods after a rain and pick delicious, immune-boosting mushrooms to add to salads, casseroles, or fry up with onions & peppers for a yummy treat. Mushrooms also improve the soil and can decompose unwanted stumps and logs, especially those which are hard to reach with a stump grinder.

Inserting spore inoculation plugs into drilled holes

Redistributing road bond gravel mix with shovels

Cap off holes with wax to keep spores inside

Stacked logs with shiitake mushrooms growing

Oyster mushrooms decomposing stump

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